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Fresh from the oven is the news of a Guyanese man arrested in Brazil for keeping and smoking (yes, like a ham!) his wife’s dead body. Here’s the translation from the Brazilian News Portal – G1:

The Guyanese Herbert Pratt , 69 , is suspect of storing and smoking the body of his wife , Veronica Beatrice Grant , 66 , for 15 days. The case came to light after military police of the Tactical Force found the corpse in the house where the couple lived on the banks of the stream Uai Grande, BR- 174 Highway, in Boa Vista.
To the police, Pratt, who can not speak Portuguese, admitted he was “keeping” the body and doing the smoking, but did not explain what led to it. He also said that the woman died of a disease.
According to the police , the body was found after children playing in the creek near the property felt a “strange smell” coming from the site. They approached one of the rooms and saw the corpse.
“After that, the old man threatened to throw hot water on them and a group of teenagers tied him up in a tree to control him. Then a man on the creek called us and we found the body”, said a police officer.
The body was found inside the house. It was on top of a bed and covered by a sheet. “The husband even put a board sealing the entrance in place, in an attepnt to hide it,” reported the OFficer.
Teams from the Legal Medical Institute and the General Homicide Police went to the scene and estimated that the elderly probably died after the 15th of November. She seemed to have been sick, but the causes of death have not yet been clarified.
The Pathologist told G1’s reporters that the body was badly decomposed, despite being ‘dry’ because of smoking. “We do not know exactly the day she died, but it has to see that the body was dehydrated, because he [husband] probably made multiple sessions to smoke it,” he said.
The server said the man was smoking the body in the bedroom itself. “He put tarps around the body, made fire and blew smoke over it. We believe that he did it because of some cultural belief, but you can not say anything for sure before carrying out all the investigations,” he said.

After the procedures in the couple’s home, the Guyanese was taken to the 5th Police District For further questioning. According to the police officer, the consul of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana in Roraima will Be contacted to decide what will be done with the elderly. The police could not say if the couple lived legally in Brazil.

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On July 14th 2015, the Guyana Police Force SWAT team shot 2 bandits (one shot dead, the other injured) and arrested 7 others in an operation in Craig, EBD. 

The dead bandit, Rolston Morrison, also known as “Mappy” was a suspect in the murder of a young man in Golden Grove mid March and had a  wanted bulletin issued for him ever since. 

The 29 year old East Demerara Football striker, was described by intelligence sources as a “cat burglar”, because of his impressive agility. 

During the last few months and after the issuance of the wanted bulletin, Mappy was reportedly involved in a number of break-ins and robberies in L.B. I. and Beterverwagting and had been positively identified to the police who had been supplied with his images from various crimes scenes. In a particular footage, the super chill thief,  can be seen strolling casually in the victim’s yard in broad day light, opening the fridge and helping himself to a cold beer while wearing nothing but a pair of briefs with a revolver tucked in. 

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The latest on the Venezuela-Guyana chapter via El Universal (Google translation):

“Guyana has closed off diplomatic channel in negotiation with Venezuela, says Roy Daza”

Caracas Vice President of the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino), Venezuela, Roy Daza, said today that the government’s position on the Venezuela-Guyana Essequibo dispute “no longer gives way to continue negotiations through diplomatic channels “.

“Now we must reconsider the whole negotiation on this area, since Guyana has taken a de facto approach” said the parliamentarian in a statement released by the National Assembly (AN).

“Guyana has taken a de facto approach, which has redifined the situation”, said Daza, in reference to Guyana’s classification of President Nicolas  Maduro’s decree (issued last May to create military maritime defense zones in the disputed area) as illegal. 

The vice president of the Parlatino invited the government of Guyana to rectify the position “because there is no longer a political, nor diplomatic way out, as it is an agression to have permitted such powerful transnational Exxon Mobil to venture into the disputed territory between the two countries”.

Daza, who is also the head of the government’s United Socialist Party, said that Venezuela has insisted in diplomatic and peaceful means to settle the border dispute, “and has never considered military imposition.”

He said the permission granted to the US company by Guyana to start oil extraction operations “can not happen.”

“Now the most important thing is that Venezuela reaffirms its position over the dispute of Essequibo”, said Daza.

Omar Gonzalez Moreno, an opposition deputy in the National Assembly, spoke about a “defensive military mobilization in the homeland” to counteract the ambitions of the government of Guyana.

“The Guyana border crisis is a product of the permissive and weak political administrations of Hugo Chavez and Maduro,” Gonzalez said in a press release.

The MP described as “clumsy” the efforts of the Venezuelan government that in his opinion have encouraged “the ambitions of Guyana” for not making it clear the Venezuelan sovereignty over the territory in dispute.

For the parliamentary, the Government’s desire to promote political influence in the hemisphere has given the opportunity to Guyanese to unleash a subtle and permanent policy of expansion and possession of the claimed area, which led to the granting of permits for Oil exploration and extraction to Exxon Mobile.

Gonzalez called for a “defensive military mobilization inside the Republic to protect the homeland and to assert the rights of Venezuela over the Essequibo”.

He said the Venezuelan tradition has been a pacifist, but “one thing is to talk and another is to give away what is ours.”

*Photo credit: El Universal

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A 26-year-old Guyanese man, Jude Joseph was found dead early this morning in an empty lot of a neighborhood of Bonfim just across the border from Lethem.

According to the Brazilian police, Joseph was last seen alive on Thursday night drinking heavily and arguing with fellow patrons in a rum shop. His body showed cutlass-like chops to the neck and was taken to Boa Vista to undergo autopsy examinations.

(Source and Photo credit: G1.GLOBO.COM)

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While none of the two major political contestants have published their manifestos as yet, both are very active in the social media. With two hashtags each, the PPP/C’s focusing on giving continuance: “LivingTheChange” and “EmbraceProgress”, while the APNU+AFC chose to focus on change, with “ItsTime” and “MoveForward”.

SN reports that both parties are set to kick off their campaigns with their first major rallies this weekend, the PPP/C in Kitty and the APNU+AFC in Berbice. The coalition was well received at their latest campaign presentation in America last week, making statements about the future as a united country moving towards the same goals. The ruling party, however, seemed to have only the bad image of Burnham to cling to, since they’ve recently “dissed” their patron, Dr. Cheddi Jagan at his own anniversary celebration.

In brief…

Again in SN, the highly anticipated Movie-Towne Complex construction has finally made “some” progress. The same Chinese company that recently signed a contract to expand the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, has been granted the contract to build the Multi-Cinema-Mall complex.

Moving into the March-Madness: Chronicle reports APNU member Vanessa Kissoon was arrested yesterday in Linden.

Anil “Chatree” Nandlall is very bothered by the coalition’s “love affair” and bets his last taxpayer’s dollar that it won’t last.

GuyanaTimes reports on anti-Chinese and anti-Brazilian statements made in America by APNU+AFC’s Granger-danger.

Lastly, KN reports a presidential pronouncement into possible motives into Crum-Ewing’s death, suggesting that only persons who are trying to whip up racism and create division could gain politically from his death. The president also questions if Crum-Ewing himself was a racist, based on his Facebook posts.

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Attorney-at-Law Christopher Ram published yesterday in his website, a very detailed post where he compared many real facts to versions according to Brassington. If Mr. Ram’s post could be compared to a three-course meal, this would be the dessert:


Brassington has been part of one of the gravest violations of the country’s laws involving billions of dollars. The directors and officers either initiated or were negligent in the violations. Brassington himself has lied big time. He stands accused of perjury, among other things. 

Meanwhile, the final payment to the Contractor ought not to be made until a total forensic audit has established that it has honoured all its contractual obligations and complied with the country’s laws. There is a strong likelihood that the Treasury has been deprived of revenues lawfully payable to it, as has the NIS. Yes, the presence of Marriott offers assurance about the standards and quality of service. But its role and responsibilities are necessarily limited.

Ramotar was in Essequibo, where he said great things about Morning Glory, a rice cereal factory that is not in operation, he can’t predict when it will, but assured it will be in the near future… And when it does, it will have capacity to process 2,000 tons of rice/year and generate more than 200 jobs. So, within four weeks, persons will be trained for an undetermined period, which will coincide to when the said factory will be completed.


The Guyana Fire Service is investigating the origins of the fire that completely destroyed the Linden house of Public Works Minister Robeson Benn this afternoon.   Although the minister said he haven’t used the house since 2006 and that he is aware that in the past, bandits have stolen all the furniture and even part of the roof, he is still claiming millions of dollars in losses due to this fire.


Wrapping up, The Bridge featured the latest Facebook post by Dr. Cheddi Jagan’s granddaughter.

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With the elections in Guyana steadily approaching, I continue to be contacted by members of the community for advice and guidance. I am honored that anyone would seek my advice in a decision that requires serious personal thought and evaluation. I am fully aware that some people seek my perspective simply because of the inherent trust that comes along with bearing the name that I so proudly carry.  

While we should not live in the past, we should always remember the dreams that so elegantly carried my grandfather through the most trying times in Guyana’s history. Remember why he is the father of the nation, and remember that he continued to fight when faced with adversity, always remember but move forward towards a new day. 

My grandfather believed in a unified Guyana, one undivided by race, religion or any other barrier. We should continue the long fight towards ending the perpetuation of racism, fear, and hate that continues to plague the nation. I encourage everyone to look at all sides of the political race, do your research with due diligence, find out which candidate will better serve your interests and that of the working class (the majority class), and then decide which side you would rather see serve you. If you can vote, then do so. I wholeheartedly encourage the youth to get out there and be active, be the change, make a difference, fight for what you believe is right. Help promote social mobility, equality, and peace. 

Home or abroad (as so many of us are), let us all continue to work for the betterment of the Guyanese people; which was the vision that fueled my grandfather until he took his last breath.

“Whatever the obstacles, cost and sacrifice, we will continue to work for racial and working class unity…” – Dr. Cheddi B. Jagan

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The Guyanese singer posted on instagram a picture of

hers performing at the APNU+AFC townhall meeting in NY.