The Mosquito is a Guyanese news analysis and commentary portal. Our mission is to bring clarity, background and context to the topics of the day.

We are not home for the latest breaking news. You won’t see stories of bodies found in trenches or any car accidents. Those are mere symptoms of what we want to analyse and help you understand.

It all starts with the Morning Buzz, where we will distil that day’s newspaper and online stories to give you a sense of what’s buzzing in the media sphere. Evening Wrap will pull all the day’s events together in a quick and easy read.

In between The Bite will be on duty as news breaks and develops, and we put the pieces together, adding historical data and making sense of it all, while making sure to always call out dumb journalism. This will be our core purpose. Meanwhile Mozzy News will generate exclusive news stories, mostly political or business related.

We will also be constantly monitoring the social media landscape and summarizing what’s the chatter and trending topics, in a feature known as The Bridge. A lively editorial page, MoStuff will bring forth unrestrained opinions on any hypocrisies and duplicity.

And if you’re asking why The Mosquito? Well, they move fast, sting hard and you can never get rid of them.